Hannational Shipping have a wide range of Extendable & Specialised Transport Equipment that can accommodate the most difficult over size or over mass transport tasks. Our highly trained professional operators and logistics specialist can solve the most complex and demanding operations. We understand the scope of technical and regulatory complexities that need to be overcome to successfully complete these major assignments on time and without mishap.

When we commit to doing a job for one off clients, we deliver on our promise. 


Some of this equipment includes:

  • Quad Low Loaders
  •  Hydraulic Lifting and Steering
  •  4 Axle Low Loaders
  • Hydraulic multi-axle modular trailers (Low to 30 cm;10 Axle; 260Ton loadable)
  •  3 Axle Low Loaders
  • Step-Down Flat Top Semi-Trailers
  • High Sided Truck
  • Hydraulic Lifting and Steering
  • Extendable Low Loaders
  • Hydraulic multi-axle modular trailers


  • Jacking and Skidding